Terms of Use

Compliance of the Terms of Use

Please only use the service on this website if you agree to all of the following terms of use described below. Whenever you use the service, create an account and by downloading, streaming, uploading or viewing any content from or to this website, you ensure that you read and understood the Terms of Use and the Cookie Policy and the Privacy Policy and that you will follow and accept them. By using the platform you also warrant that you are 18 years old or older, or the applicable age of majority in your country, or if you are younger then 18 years of age or the age of majority in your country, you are at least 13 years of age or more and you have your parent(s) or legal guardian(s) permission to use the service on this website.

Modification to Terms of Use

We have the right, at any time, to modify, change, replace or alter these Terms of Use. At the end of the Terms of Use you can always see the date of the last change of the Terms of Use. You are responsible to make sure, that you check the page from time to time to see if there have been any updates. If the Terms of Use change after your registration, we will notify you via email. The email will be send to the email-address that you specified and provided to us. The changed terms of use will be effective for you six weeks after we notified you. You are not obligated to keep on using our service if you disagree with the new Terms of Use. If you don’t delete your account within six weeks after we notified you, we will constitute that you accept the modified Terms of Use.

Your usage of the Service

You must not use the service on this website to upload, copy, display, make available or promote:
  • any content that is insulting, offensive, pronographic or obscene;
  • any content that encourages or popularizes violence, hatred, terrorism or racism;
  • any content that that promotes hate on the grounds of ethnicity, religious beliefe, gender, sexual orientation, or content that is unacceptable in FanGateBuddy’s reasonable judgement;
  • any content or material that breaches the rights of third parties, including for example trademark rights, copyrights, or rights of privacy or publicity;
  • any content that breaches the law or the regulation;
  • any content or material that contains a virus, spyware, or any component that could be harmful or vicious;
  • any component or content that might impair or overburden the service or our serves;
  • any content that could disturb any other users use of the platform.
  • It is forbidden to use or try to use someone else’s account. You can only do so, if you have the explicit agreement from the other person. At any time you are using the Service you agree to obey the above described Terms of Use. You also agree and accept that FanGateBuddy has the right to delete your account or to take other measures that only FanGateBuddy, in its exclusive judgement, sees fit, if you breach any of the Terms of Use. This could also consist of going to court or reporting your behavior to the authorities.

    The Content of the User

    Anything you (the user) upload to this service (e.g. audio, text, pictures, comments, graphics and other content) even data or information that you upload, store, exchange, submit or make available to or via this Service (hereinafter „Your Content„) is created, controlled and owned only by you and not by FanGateBuddy. We, FanGateBuddy do not demand any ownership rights in Your Content. Therefore you accept and agree that Your Content falls only under your sole responsibility. If you do not hold the rights to Your Content, you must not upload, send, distribute, store, transmit, perform, display, make it available or communicate it to the public.This also includes any unauthorized use of copyright protected material within Your Content (e.g bootlegs, unauthorized remixes, reproduction, modification, adaptation, public performance). Even if this material become authorized at a later point, it is still a breach of someone else rights and therefore completely forbidden. Any breach of these Terms of Use or infringements of third party rights may cause the deletion of your account to this service and might also end up with the criminal prosecution by the rights holder.

    Warrant and Grant of License

    When you upload Your Content to this service, you grant a limited, non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide, fully paid up, license to other users of this Service and to users of any other website or app, that has shared or imbedded Your Content. You grant the license to use, share, listen, transit, publicly display, distribute publicly perform, prepare, adapt, compile, prepare derivative works of, make available or communicate to the public. Whenever you remove Your Content from your account, we will also remove the file or the files from our servers. If Your Content is shared or linked to a linked service, FanGateBuddy does not take responsibility and is not compelled to make sure that Your Content is also deleted on any other Linked Service.


    Herewith you warrant to FanGateBuddy that:
  • Your Content is an original work by you, or that you have the rights and permissions to use it at any time during your use.
  • FanGateBuddy is allowed to use Your Content pursuant to theses Terms of Use.
  • Your Content does not and will not in the future breach or infringe the rights of anyone else (including e.g copyrights, intellectual property rights, rights of privacy, confidential informations, or the rights of performers.)
  • Your Content has all necessary permissions of anyone appearing in Your Content, so that you can include their name, voice, picture or performance. And that you also have the permission to publish this content on this service or any linked services.
  • Your Content and your comments and posts that you may post on this service, will not be against the law, insulting, pornographic or improper.
  • Your Content will not encourage or popularizes violence, hatred, terrorism or racism.
  • Your Content will not promote hate on the grounds of ethnicity, religious beliefe, gender, sexual orientation.
  • Your Content will not create liability to FanGateBuddy and anyone working for and with FanGateBuddy or any shareholder or stakeholder of FanGateBuddy and possible linked services.
    FanGateBuddy has the right to delete Your Content or your Account and your access to the service and will take all legal measures if we see that any of Your Content might infringe any of these Terms of Use or any of your above warranties or anyone else’s rights or braches any law.

    Responsibility for the content

    Herewith you understand and agree that FanGateBuddy:
  • is allowed to store content and informations when a user requests, directs or authorizes it.
  • is only a passiv connector and/or host of any user generated content that has been uploaded, stored and/or distributed by the user.
  • doesn’t help the user in the way he presents or uses the Content. FanGateBuddy therefor only plays a passiv role as host of the content
  • has no responsibility for the activities and the content of the user. The only one who is responsible for the way he uploads, posts or distributes the content is the user himself.


    If there is any Content on this website, that you think breaches your copyright, please report it immediately by sending us an email to info@fangatebuddy.com

    Third Party Websites

    FanGateBuddy may grant access for you to other this party websites, servers, databases, networks, information, programs, software, systems, applications, directories, products, services and also linked services (hereinafter „Third Party Services“). Since FanGateBuddy hasn’t got any control and responsibility for any Third Party Services, it cannot be responsible for the content, operation or use of the Third Party Services. Keep in mind that other Third Party Services might have different Terms of Use and a different privacy policy than FanGateBuddy does. Therefore you are also responsible to read all Terms of Use of the Third Party Services. The use of these Third Party Services in at your own responsibility and your sole risk. FanGateBuddy refuses all liability if any Third Party Service causes any damage. You also renounce any claim against FanGateBuddy regarding any operations or content of any Third Party Services.

    Deleting of Content

    FanGateBuddy has no legal obligation to screen and monitor all the user generated content on this Website and Service. Therefore FanGateBuddy has the right to delete or to block any content and any access to any content at any time, whenever we believe that this content might breach or infringe these Terms of Use, the rights of a third party, infringes the law, or seems in any other way inappropriate to FanGateBuddy.

    Repeated breach

    FanGateBuddy has the right to delete your access to this Service and to terminate your account if you have repeatedly infringed the Terms of Use of FanGateBuddy. Any third party can notify FanGateBuddy that your content breaches the rights, including the copyrights, of another third party, or that your content infringes our Terms of Use. If this notification is valid, we will notify you with a written warning. If you receive three of these warnings, you are liable and we are responsible to delete your account and your access to the service.


    FanGateBuddy, including all content, apps, websites and services and anything that is accessed through or via the just mentioned, are provided „as is“, „as available“, and „with all faults“. FanGateBuddy, does not guarantee that the upload and the transmission of the upload of your content to this service will be secure, Neighter does FanGateBuddy warrant that any elements of the services, that are build to prevent unauthorized access, will be effective. FanGateBuddy does not guarantee that using this service is lawful in any particular country or jurisdiction.

    Last Amended: 10 July 2016